{Makeup Look} Arabian Nights

Hey there pretty girls!

Now, this is a look I loved doing! This arabian nights inspired makeup look made me feel like a princess for the night. Let me just say, now this was more a painting class than a “simple” eye makeup, it was just crazy, but oh, how I enjoyed it!

Makeup Look: Arabian Nights







I started by applying an eyeshadow base and I did a neutral brownish cut crease and smoked it out really well. Then, I took a NYX eye pencil in the color “milk” to get a nice white base for the turquoise color. From my 120 color palette, I combined the colors I liked and applied them only to my lid, careful to stay under the cut crease so that the color is nice and bold. I made a little ombre effect, starting out with a lighter color in the corner and ending with a darker color on the outside of the eye.

Makeup Look: Arabian Nights

Then, I started doing my wing by beginning with a normal wing, just this time I extended it also in the inner corner of the eye. Afterwards, I began tracing another two lines coming from the outside end of the wing inside until the middle of the eye and filled them in – kind of like a liner cut crease.

Makeup Look: Arabian Nights

Finally, I made another line from the bottom lash line not totally parallel to the first one but to give it that arabian exotic look. I cleaned the lines and the space between the lines up with a white eyeliner and I placed two rhinestones in the inner corners of the eyes, just where the eyeliner ended.

I also have some close up shots of the eye makeup so you guys can see exactly how it looked like.

Makeup Look: Arabian Nights

PS: Of course, the finishing touch that pulled the whole look together was the headpiece that just screamed for this look. Although very heavy and difficult to secure so that I could take the pictures, it was so worth it. I’m definitely looking forward to using it again soon, I just have to wait for the perfect occasion for that.

Makeup Look: Arabian Nights

Let me know, do you guys like this look? Is it something I should post more often? Do you like the headpiece?






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