{Makeup Look} Old Hollywood Glamour

Hey there pretty girls!

In my opinion, there is nothing classier than an old hollywood glamour look with red lips and a winged eyeliner. Now, this is MY version of this classic look.

Let me just say, I’m not a red lips kinda gal. I find them way too serious and bombshell-y for me so that I feel like a different person wearing them, not really myself. Don’t get me wrong, once in a while, I crave the good ol’ red lips and I actually enjoy to explore this different version of myself but they are certainly not an everyday look for me.

Makeup Look: Old Hollywood Glamour

Firstly, for me to really like to wear red lips, my face has to be flawless, contoured and highlighted so that the focus is on the lips. Secondly, my lips tend to be on the drier side therefore I really need to moisture them good enough so that the red is easy to apply.

Makeup Look: Old Hollywood Glamour









And now, this is where the “work” begins for me. Since I don’t just put red lipstick on my lips (as I would do with every other color) and go out like this, I really like to take the time to make them almost perfect. I use a lip liner and then I use a lip brush to fill the lips in. For this look I wanted more of an ombre look therefore I used a dark red / dark berry color on the outsides and a lighter red just in the middle of the lips and also a bit of an highly pigmented red gloss in the middle to give them that nice glossy pop of color. So, as you can see, I used 5 products just for the lips – definitely not something for on the go!

(Tip: you can always use a concealer after finishing the lips and go around your lips to make that crisp and defined lip line.)

Makeup Look: Old Hollywood Glamour

I kept the eyes rather simple and classy, with a very highlighted lid, a bit of definition in the crease and a classic winged eyeliner. Of course, with this look I just couldn’t skip the lashes, they just pull the whole look together!

Makeup Look: Old Hollywood Glamour

Actually, for the purpose of taking pictures, I love red lips. But for a date or as an everyday look, I find it is a rather high-maintenance kind of thing. (Also, my boyfriend is not very happy seeing me with red lips on a date for the obvious reason and I totally agree – since I haven’t found a red lipstick that stays put for hours without moving, I prefer the nude or pinkish version which is much more kiss-friendly)

Makeup Look: Old Hollywood Glamour









Let me know, do you like this look? Do you wear red lips more often? Do you know any lipsticks that are easy to apply and stay put the whole night?






2 thoughts on “{Makeup Look} Old Hollywood Glamour

    1. Aww you’re too cute, thank you so much! I also really enjoy this for a special occasion because although I find a lot of red lipsticks suit me pretty well, I’m a pink kinda girl at heart so I tend to wear more pink than red but now I’ll do a red lip tomorrow, only for you ;)
      Hugs and kisses :* :*

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