{Makeup Look} Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

Hey there pretty girls!

A smokey eye… I guess everyone who likes to play around with makeup likes to wear a smokey eye once in a while but I for myself need a pop of color to make my own version of this otherwise easy look.

I started by applying an eyeshadow base (MAC Painterly Paint Pot) to prime my whole lid. Then, I used a black eye pencil (I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean) as a base for the eyeshadow on the inside and on the outside of the eye. I blended it really well and then repeated the same steps with a black eyeshadow on top of the pencil to darken the look.

Makeup Look: Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

I then took two pigments – bright orange and fuchsia – and applied them with a damp brush so I don’t have that much fallout under the eyes. I applied the pigments in the middle of the eyelid and blended them a little bit with the black eyeshadow so it doesn’t look that harsh. To finish off the eyelid, I took a medium tan eyeshadow and blended it in the crease to pull everything together.

Makeup Look: Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

For the lower lash line, I used the same black eye pencil to line the lower lash line and smudged it out really well. The second pop of color I had in this look was this incredible blue mascara. It is so pigmented and crazy blue that your eyes just stand out immediately! (PS: special blog post on 3 blue mascaras which I absolutely adore are coming soon!)

Makeup Look: Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

Finally, I applied some mascara to my lashes and a pair of false lashes because of the intensity of the colors, my natural lashes were not that prominent anymore.

Makeup Look: Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

With this dark smokey eye I paired a very nude glossy lip. For that I lined my lips with a very, VERY nude lip liner and I applied a matte nude lipstick and a nude lip gloss with a little bit of sparkle over it. Because the lipstick was matte, it stays on a whole lot better than a glossier lipstick and the pigmentation is also way better than that of a glossy lipstick but because of the lip gloss it brings back some dimension in the lips.

Makeup Look: Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color

I have to say, I really love how this look turned out and if I want a special smokey eye, I love this combination of colors to make it my own version. (And yes, for me there has to be some pink involved!)

Let me know how you like this look. Do you wear smokey eyes more often? Do you like this easy twist on this otherwise easy look?






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