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Hey there pretty girls!

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Yes, I have bought my first very dark lipstick – compared to what I usually wear, this is veeery dark. Let me just say, I can’t stop wearing this MAC Fashion Revival lipstick since the day I bought it!

Since I learned about The Matte Lip Collection, I wanted to get at least one or two lipsticks from this collection. Of course, my instinct was to get the pink one. One night, I asked my boyfriend on his opinion which lipstick I should get – me obviously pointing at the pink one, Nouvelle Vogue. He pointed directly to this one and was like “I would like to see a darker color on you, to bring out your inner bad girl!”.

Two days of indecisiveness followed and when I asked him to pick up this color for me and I let him choose the color by himself, I was crazy excited to see what he would get me and I definitely was very curious to see what I had gotten myself into.

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For a very pinkish girl like myself, this lipstick got a “WOWZA!” reaction from myself when I first saw the color but oh my gosh, this color is pure perfection for fall and winter! It is the most beautiful berry shade, a dark reddish-plum color with a matte finish but not like drying matte but a nice-to-wear matte, even for someone like myself with rather dry lips.

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It was rather weird looking at myself the first time wearing it but after a few minutes – and the increase of my self-confidence feeling very fancy and bad-ass wearing this color – I fell in love with it!

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I wore it for the past few days, almost every day and I will definitely wear this color A LOT this season. Can’t wait to show you more pictures wearing this color over the next few months. (I have posted this picture on my personal and this picture on my second makeup / beauty Instagram account the other day when I wore this color to a date night with my boy – such a beautiful color!)

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How do you like this color? Do you wear such dark colors (or even darker)? Do you pair such a color with a smokey eye or with a more natural look?






2 thoughts on “{Review} MAC Fashion Revival Lipstick

  1. Da ist er wieder, dieser wunderschöne Lippenstift <3 ich bin genauso verliebt in die Farbe wie du. Ich hätte nicht gedacht das dein Freund die Farbe ausgesucht hat, meiner wäre mit so einer Aufgabe völlig überfordert :)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, das hat mich auch etwas gewundert und puh, hab ich gezittert, bis ich ihn zum 1. Mal aufgetragen habe :))
      Hatte ihn letztens am Samstag in der Arbeit auf und ich glaub 3-4 Mädls waren da und haben ihn bei mir gesehen und wollten den auch kaufen und er war aber leider ausverkauft, hat mir Leid getan für sie aber hrrrr war ich happy, dass ich einen hatte :)) <3
      LG Stefi

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