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Hey there pretty girls!

You know when you have special memories combined with a certain product and whenever you use it you always remember the feeling you first had?? Well, here’s my story about the special bond that I have with the MAC Angel lipstick…

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Angel has a frost finish and is described as a “soft pink”. For me, it is one of the best colors for every day. I find it very similar to Creme Cup – which I also love – but I have a special love for this baby right here.

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So here’s the story:

It was a funny coincidence, I was waiting for months for the call after my job interview and while I was on vacation in London, I went to a MAC counter to see what they had what I can’t find in Austria. While swatching out some lipsticks and thinking about which one to buy, I recieved a call. Now guess who that was..? Funny thing, I got the approval for my job right then on the telephone, while shopping at a MAC counter so I saw that as a sign and I bought this lipstick as an everyday color for me to always remember that cloud number nine feeling whenever I wear it. And I actually do, every time I put this pretty thing on my lips, I get the same feelings I did back then! So much love in such a little thing :)

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I love how natural it looks, how non-frosty it actually feels on the lips and how just pretty and soft it looks when I wear this color so this is definitely one of my must-haves from all of the MAC lipsticks!


Did you girls ever try this lipstick out? Do you prefer Angel to Creme Cup or do you like bolder colors more?






2 thoughts on “{Review} MAC Angel Lipstick Review

  1. Was für eine schöne Geschichte, das war wirklich ein Zeichen :) Angel war einer meiner ersten MAC Lippies und ich hab mir dieses Schätzchen in New York gekauft deshalb muss ich immer an New York denken wenn ich Angel raus hole :)

    Bussi ;*

    1. Na schau, haben wir beide eine gute Wahl getroffen, dann kommen mit dem immer schöne Gefühle auf ;) Ist auch einer meiner Alltagsfarben (wenn er nicht unter den vielen anderen untergeht), der passt wirklich immer und überall ;)
      Bussiii :* <3

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