{Review} MAC Diva-Ish Lipstick Review

Hey there pretty girls!

Today’s new favorite shade of pink is the most gorgeous perfect pink ever from the new MAC Is Beauty collection. If you want to know more and see more pictures of this MAC Diva-Ish lipstick, keep reading!

MAC Diva-Ish Lipstick Review-1

MAC Diva-Ish Lipstick Review-2

It has an Amplified finish which is one of my favorite finishes since the color pay-off is really great but they are so creamy and go on incredibly easy on the lips.

MAC Diva-Ish Lipstick Review-3

The color is an “intense fuchsia”, a mixture between red and pink with a warm undertone and a nice satin look to it. It is similar to MAC’s Impassioned and also very similar to MAC’s Viva Glam Miley Cyrus (just a bit pinker than the VG Miley). All in all, it is such a stunningly beautiful color, just look at how it looks on the lips:

MAC Diva-Ish Lipstick Review-4

How could you not love this color for the upcoming warmer months? I have worn this color so many times since I got it and I like it more and more with each day wearing it!

Did you get anything from the MAC Is Beauty collection or did you skip this one? I also got two fluidlines, an eyeshadow and the small 221 eyeshadow brush which I fell in love with the second I saw it so I grabbed it at the first chance ;)

Have a great day and a fantastic start in your week, loves!







2 thoughts on “{Review} MAC Diva-Ish Lipstick Review

  1. Ich hab den Lippenstift noch immer nocht fotografiert und deshalb auch nicht benutzt :/ ich hoffe ich schaffs am Freitag oder Samstag dass ich ihn endlich tragen kann :)

    1. hahaha ja das kenne ich :)) habe auch noch was tolles vorgestern fotografiert weils mich so geärgert hat weil ich vorher nicht reintapseln wollte ;) bin schon gespannt wie du ihn findest ;)

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