Hey there pretty girls!

Yesterday I found a picture on Instagram and it said:

I didn’t understand the hype about wearing leggings as pants until I started wearing leggings as pants and now there’s no going back.

Now, this couldn’t be more true. Until two years ago I did not wear leggings at all and at least since last year when I started working at MAC, I began to wear a ton of leggings with cute shirts because they are really comfy and perfect for everyday since you can easily style them up or down.

So when Wolford asked me to choose a pair of tights or leggings from their new collection, I went straight for a simple black pair of leggings which looked perfect for daytime or nighttime.

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-1

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-2

I wanted a pair that I could wore on every occasion and I could style in many ways so when I saw these sparkling “precious leggings”*, I knew they were just perfect for me! (Who doesn’t need a bit of sparkle in their life? ;) )

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-3

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-4

Wolford describes these leggings as:

A fashion must-have for the modern woman’s wardrobe. With sparkling appliquéd metallic detailing on the hems and an elegant shimmer, these opaque leggings provide a touch of glamour to any look. These look great when combined with matching ready-to-wear items and accessories from the current collection. Thanks to the stretchy material, they are also wonderfully comfortable to wear.

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-5

I wore them on Easter Sunday with the family (perfect occasion for a little bit of sparkle) and I was more than impressed about how light they felt, it was as if I had nothing on, they fit just like a glove!

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-6

Since I am more of a casual comfy kinda gal, I paired them with a pair of leather flats and a comfy loose shirt for a day out and about.

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-7

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-8

Don’t you loooove how they sparkle in the sun and how chic but still comfy they look? Major love!

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-9

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-10

If you’re into leggings and these kind of comfortable wear, you should definitely check Wolford’s website out and especially their Tights and Hoisery collection for a ton of other models. They are a bit more pricey than your regular pair of leggings but once you try them on, you can definitely see why – the fit (most important!), the fabric, the looks, everything is just pure perfection and pure luxury that you can see and feel so they are definitely worth it!

Wolford Precious Leggings Review-11

Have you tried some items from Wolfword already out? Will you go ahead and at least try a pair of these leggings on to see how you like them?

*pr sample – thank you Wolford for this amazing product!