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Hey there my loves!

I’ve had these FRENDS Layla headphones babies on my wishlist for almost a year now and now that they are finally mine (and even prettier “in person” than I expected) I couldn’t not share them with you (at least, through pictures ’cause I ain’t sharin’ them with you, mind you!)

So, here’s the story: Of course I first spotted them on Instagram since a lot of people were posting pictures with some kind of FRENDS headphones but since they are not that inexpensive, I didn’t give them a lot of thought because I did not want to spend a lot of money on something that I didn’t even see or experience myself.

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But then, in February I went to Madrid and there, in the middle of a shopping mall, there they were! Of course, instant love and I tried both the Taylor and the Layla on and went on and on about which one to get. Since I couldn’t decide that day, I came back the day afterwards to buy the rosegold Layla. The – not so friendly – sales lady wanted to give me the one that was outside for everyone to test and I of course wanted a new pair, without everyone using them and they also had a few scratches! You can imagine that I was not very happy about the situation but I decided to buy them only since for that I price I definitely wanted a new pair.

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-3

Also, after seeing the few scratches on the “tester” headphones, I decided to go for the “FRENDS with benefits” headphones, since you can change the caps and I wanted this spring “Bloom” edition ’cause let’s be honest, this is just perfect for me and they are just too cute and girly for spring and summer :)

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-4

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-5

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-6

I finally found them at experienceheadphones.com, they also had free shipping available but the only downfall was the price. For this Bloom & Rose Gold bundle – which means you get the original rose gold and also the bloom caps – you pay 190€ so I kept going back and forth with buying them – once again!

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-10
FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-11

Of course, my boyfriend and sister had enough of me whining about these headphones and they teamed up with my mom and got me these secretly for my birthday! YAAAAY for this amazing birthday present and thank youuuuu for keeping such a great secret from me!

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-7
FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-8

Of course, as you can imagine, the quality of these is exactly the reason why they cost so much and let me say, I would not want to miss them ever again! They are made of premium leather band and ear cushions, they have hand crafted metal caps and a soft fabric cord which does not tangle up in your bag – finally!

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-12

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-13

They are collapsible which allows them to fit in a clutch (you get a carrying case in your box!).

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-9

They have a three-button mic and volume control which works with iPhone ONLY!!! (volume control does NOT work on my blackberry but that is the only downside to these headphones!) and Mic and Talk functions which work with all other phone devices.

Now, you get the headphones with the original Rose Gold cap on, which you can twist and you can put another set of caps on and this is exactly what I did the minute I got them (ok, AFTER trying them on and making a small dance party in my bedroom!):

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-14
FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-15

I meeeean…… ♥♥

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-16

I have to say, they feel SO luxurious and SO soft on your ears, I could wear them for days and look at all these details, they are made with so much love for detail, I love that!

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-17

They are on-ear headphones and not over-ear – like the bigger Taylor ones are – therefore the sound in the Taylor ones was a teeny tiny bit better but they were a bit too big for my head and my style since I am more of a girly girl than a rocker bride but if the big ones would have been better for myself, I would have gotten the bigger ones, for sure! Anyhow, the sound is amazing! I play my Taylor Swift album (yes, is is on repeat since the day it came out, I swear!) over and over again at maximum and I make a small dance party on the street on the way to work every morning so that makes me happy, for sure, that early in the morning. The fact that you can’t control the volume on a Blackberry or Samsung for example is unfortunate but since I was already using the regular iPhone headphones before, I was used to that and I can live with that as long as I have these babies on – but just keep that in mind if you don’t use them with your iPhone!

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-18

The other caps – for now only the original Rose Gold ones but I DO plan on getting some more in the future – I keep in a cute bag I got from my friend for my birthday and it says “Girls Dreams” so that was just perfect for this use!

FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-19
FRENDS Layla Headphones Review-20

Ok, I want to go and listen to one more Taylor Swift song before finishing the blog post so excuuuuuuse me while I have a small party in my room for a while! 

How do you like these cute babies? Did you see my VERY cute (if I say so myself!) picture on Instagram with the headphones on my iPad lady bug? Check it out on @stefidragoi and let me know how you like this post ;)

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  1. Ohh! Die Kopfhörer sind sooo wunderschön ich glaub dir nur zu gern das die schon scho lange auf deiner Wunschliste stehen. Das Rosé Gold


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