{Review} MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

Hey there my loves!

Because we all love a classic old Hollywood red lip sometimes, I have to show you the lipstick that comes to my mind when someone asks for a “classic red lip”: the one and only MAC Ruby Woo lipstick!

MAC Monday Ruby Woo Lipstick Review-1

Ruby Woo is described as a “very matte vivid blue red” and has a retro matte finish. The color is a medium red, with some blue undertone (great for making your teeth look white and nice!). The texture is more matte than the regular matte lipsticks, which makes it somewhat hard to apply since it is a bit dry. I would always recommend using the MAC Prep + Prime Lip before, so that the lipstick goes on way smoother and you can apply it more easily. Once you have applied it, it stays on for lots and lots of hours, easily through dinner and drinks so definitely great for a date night if you’re into that gorgeous red lip thing ;)

MAC Monday Ruby Woo Lipstick Review-2

I always, always use it with my Kiss Me Quick Pro Longwear lip pencil since that makes it stay on even longer and IF the lipstick were to fade away a bit, I would still have the lip pencil underneath. I find that the lip pencil matches it perfectly and even though now MAC has a Ruby Woo lip liner (which came out in the Pencilled In collection earlier this year and it is obviously made to match the Ruby Woo lipstick perfectly!), I still prefer to use the Pro Longwear one because of its longevity ;)

MAC Monday Ruby Woo Lipstick Review-3

(Please don’t mind my funny looking lip pencil, I do NOT know how this happend but we’re still working at trying to figure it out, for now we’re fine working with the funny looking cap!) :)


On my lips, with Prep + Prime Lip underneath, Pro Longwear Kiss Me Quick and Ruby Woo as a perfect combination for that classic red lip, Hollywood style ;)


Here you can find a makeup look I did with Ruby Woo, if you want to see what I paired it with ;)

Have you already tried this lipstick out? Which liners do you like to pair it with? I’d love to try a new combination out so let me know if you have any tips ;)



2 thoughts on “{Review} MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

  1. Haha, meine Kappe vom Kiss me Quick Lipliner sieht genauso aus :D dürfte ein Produktionsfehler sein. Die Farbe ist ein Traum aber das Retro Matte Finish macht mir zu schaffen. Bei mir wird das nach ner Zeit so trocken das der Lippenstift von den Lippen bröselt.

    Bussi :*

    1. Ich weiß, was du meinst aber he, du hast mir ja so vom P+P Lip geschwärmt, tu den doch auch über den Lippenstift mal drüber, das hilft zumindest bei mir ;)
      Bussiii :*

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