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Hey there my loves!

Here’s my first favorites blog post, I picked out things that I really used a ton this month – newer and older things that I rediscovered and loved a lot this month so here are my May favorites:

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First, my non-beauty related products:

♥ FRENDS Layla Bloom Headphones, used eeeevery day since I got them, love them even more with each day, so cute and stylish and definitely resposible for a good mood early in the morning

♥ New Starbucks iPhone case – yes, another iPhone case, I know..! I do change them a lot and I love to match my iPhone case to my mood / outfit so I do have a whole drawer full of them but this one I got with my dearest coffee friend so we could go out with our matching iPhone cases – pretty girly stuff, huh? I LOVE it!

♥ New book series (on my very beloved Amazon Kindle Voyage!) I recently discovered: A Magical Bakery Mystery series by Bailey Cates – there are 4 books (a 5th one is on the way!), so charming and cute. They are basically about a bit of love, a bit of baking and a lot of magic in the cutest way possible. Now I’m reading the 4th one so I can’t wait for the next one to come out next month!

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Used more often in my skin care (although most of these aren’t new to my routine):

♥ Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel – amazing for those stubborn pimples, dries them out really quickly and also diminishes the redness around the area.

♥ Origins GinZing Refreshing Face Mask – on my days off I apply it on the skin after washing my face and just leave it there more like a cream (I don’t take it off, I just rub the excess product into my skin). If my face feels very dull and tired, I mix a bit of this with my face cream or my foundation and apply it to my skin on those early mornings when I need to look fresh and awaken.

♥ La Roche-Posay Thermal Water: Yes, it’s just water and although my skin is rather oily, I often feel the need to hydrate it the best way possible so I definitely keep this around the house because I use it on a daily basis, a few times a day.

→ Here’s the link to my skin care “hydration 101” post where I mention and describe both products more in depth!

♥ LUSH Lemony Flutter Hand And Nail / Cuticle Cream – I have very dry cuticles and that does NOT look cute since I am a makeup artist and I have my hands on display all the time so I need to take extra special care of these bad boys. However, this is not a cream I would recommend using on the go, a few times a day because it is very thick and hydrating and I can’t imagine doing any normal work after putting this on my hands. Therefore, I only use this every night, mostly on my cuticles and I massage it really well into the skin and then I also use a teeny tiny bit on my hands for that extra special care. Also, you literally need the SMALLEST amount possible for your cuticles because it is really thick and kind of greasy (in a non yucky sense!).

May Favorites-3

For makeup I have a loooot of things I loved this month so I really had to only pick a few (and I saved some for next month):

♥ Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – I got this from my dear friend Melanie for my birthday and although it doesn’t change your makeup application A TON, I do like the feel and the look of it on my skin. I spray it on my skin, after my moisturizer and before applying my foundation for an extra boost of hydration and I really like the dewy look you get with this. Very similar to MAC Fix+ or even more to MAC Mineralized Charged Water but since I got this for my birthday I decided to try this for a whole month and I really love it a lot — thank youuu Meli for introducing it to me! ♥

♥ Cream Colour Base Shell – used this after my foundation for a dewy, glowy looking skin and it really looks a lot different than using a powder highlighter so definitely a MUST for this summer!

♥ Rubenesque Paint Pot – I freaking LOVE this color!! So funny how I’m a total pink addict but as soon as it gets hotter outside, I start wearing a lot of corals, oranges and less hot pinks. Gorgeous orangy shade but with a stunning golden sheen to it, again, perfect for that dewy look, just apply it very messy on the whole lid and you’re good to go!

♥ Petal Power Mineralize Blush – please excuse the color in the pictures, it does NOT look this orange in natural, it is a coral pink color with a gold shimmer. Like all of the mineralize blushes it has a fair amount of shimmer but the color is just perfect for everyone, not too pink and not too orange with that gorgeous shimmer – must-have for this Summer!

♥ Tumble Dry lipstick from the Wash & Dry collection – gorgeous light orange shade with a lustre finish, you only get a bit of color pay-off and that nice glossy looking lip, perfect for these warmer months!

May Favorites-4

May Favorites-5
What have been some of your must-haves this past month? Anything that I should try out? Let me know if you want to see a review or a more in depth blog post on some of the products, I’ll happily do that for you!



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  1. Schön! Dein erster Favoriten Post, ich les solche Post immer richtig gerne und es freut mich das dir das Primer Water gefällt :) das Lemony Flutter von Lush hab ich auch eine Zeit lang sehr gerne verwendet, ich muss mir das Zeig wieder nachkaufen :)

    Bussi :*

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