{Lifestyle} Donauinselfest 2015

Hey there my loves!

In June I finally visited for the first time since living in Vienna the Donauinselfest which are like a ton of open air concerts with great music, drinks and partying on the Danube. Thank God my sister and her friend dragged us to go with them ’cause it was a great experience, definitely looking forward to next year’s Donauinselfest ;)

Donauinselfest 2015-1

Donauinselfest 2015-2Donauinselfest 2015-3

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Donauinselfest 2015-6

Baby love ♥

Donauinselfest 2015-7

We took a ride with a baby Ferris wheel (’cause we’re still young enough to do that!) and we had such a great view over Vienna at sundown, that was just stunningly beautiful!

Donauinselfest 2015-8#Donauinselfest2015-9 Donauinselfest 2015-10

Did I mention how amazing this fruit punch was?! Strong as hell but oh so yummy..

Donauinselfest 2015-11

Donauinselfest 2015-12

Donauinselfest 2015-13

Donauinselfest 2015-14Donauinselfest 2015-15

Donauinselfest 2015-16

Donauinselfest 2015-17

Donauinselfest 2015-18

I gotta say, it was such a great afternoon, we had so much fun and the music was great an although we only wanted to stay for a few hours, we ended up staying until the end and I for sure do not regret it.

I also made a Polyvore set with similar items you could buy if you wanted to recreate the outfit that I wore ;)

festival outfit



Lipstick is Viva Glam III. You can find the lipstick and my trusted Invisibobble hair tie at Douglas or Amazon ;)

By the way, the pictures are all taken with my new Sony A5100 camera which I showed you in my June favorites post and I’m pretty impressed with how great and rich in colors they turned out, how do you like them?

I’m sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog lately, I’ve studying like crazy when I’m not working over the past few weeks, I still have a few more weeks to go but I’ll try to post more often from now on ;) 

Hope you’re all good and you’ve had some great couple of days!



2 thoughts on “{Lifestyle} Donauinselfest 2015

  1. Die Fotos sind so schön! Die neue Camera hat sich echt ausgezahlt! Das klingt nach einem tollen Tag, ich war dieses Jahr gar nicht auf dem Donauinselfest, vielleicht schff ich es nächstes Jahr wieder.

    Bussi :*

    1. Das stimmt, das kleine Baby ist echt eine super Investition, meistens sind die Fotos direkt daraus schon super geschossen, da muss man nicht mehr viel nachbearbeiten ;)
      Ich war noch nie, es war echt toll, nächstes Jahr gehen wir gemeinsam hin ;)
      Bussi :*

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