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Hey there my loves!

I finally managed to shoot my June favorites after a short break because of my crazy schedule and we have a lot of great things this month so let’s jump into it!

June Favorites-1

The biggest change were probably these two beauties:

♥ I changed my laptop from my old one to a new MacBook Pro – I know, I’m VERY late on the whole Apple / iOS trend, I got my first iPhone and iPad one and a half years ago and since then I fell in love with them. If you know me, if I fall for something, I fall hard and this is also what happened here. Since my old laptop was a bit slow and not that good for editing a ton of pictures and what not, I played with the thought to change it for a MacBook Pro for a while so last month I finally made the move and I fell in love with it the minute I opened it and I am so, so happy with it, I could not have believed that I would love it this much! Best birthday present ever! PS: Yes, my MacBook has a pink cover and a pink keyboard cover – you gotta tell it apart from all the MacBooks you see everywhere, right?! ;)

♥ I also changed my small camera (I have a “big” Nikon camera for more “serious” pictures and I had a small Samsung NX Mini camera for on the go pictures, selfies and that kind of stuff) from my Samsung NX Mini to a Sony A5100. The minute I saw it on Instagram and what great pictures you can take with this baby, I was sold. Also, I love the retro look on it and the more I use it, the more I love it! Definitely a great camera for makeup pictures and for carrying it around to shoot to whole day long ;)

June Favorites-2

♥ For my skincare, I have used this for a long time but I never included it in a blog post so it was about time. This is my holy grail for my nighttime routine. It is incredible how dirty the brush looks after removing all my makeup and the Clinique Sonic System brush and the Origins Checks And Balances cleanser are my holy grails for making sure all of my makeup is off when I go to sleep. This cleanser leaves my face squeaky clean – yes, it’s really squeaking when I wash it off! – and I love the feeling of makeup-free I get after using them both.

June Favorites-3 June Favorites-4

♥ For makeup, I’m all about the glow this past few months. It’s no wonder I have used the HECK out of my Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping (you can read a review here), every picture on Instagram where you see me glowing, this is what I used and I could bathe in it allll day long!! I used it as a highlighter, eyeshadow, on top of a lipstick and what not. Major love! 

June Favorites-5
June Favorites-7 June Favorites-8

♥ Ever since I saw Jaclyn Hill mention the Extended Play mascara for the lower lash lines I was a bit intrigued since I always have a problem with my mascara smudging during the day so I decided to give it a try and let me say, this is the first mascara E-V-E-R that does NOT move from my lower lash line. No more unwanted smokey eyes for me! This is a mascara you can wash off with warm water (38°C) but other than that, it does NOT move, I am deeply impressed how great it works and how incredible my lower lashes look when I coat them with this baby teeny tiny brush. Also a perfect mascara for people with shorter lashes since the wand is so tiny!

♥ Also, you know how I raved about my beloved Haute & Naughty mascara that I love so much? Well, with the temperatures rising and my oily eyelids having a hard time with this heat, not even the waterproof version of that looked good the whole day long on me. So I decided to try the In Extra Dimension mascara. The wand is incredible and it separates your lashes amazingly and I get asked the whole time if I’m using false lashes and the best part of it, it looks amazing even after 10 hours of work! You can see a mascara comparison and brush pictures here to see how this wand looks like!

June Favorites-9

♥ Finally, I know most of us are into more natural colors especially when it’s summer but with so many colors I see everyday at work, I somehow used my beloved Rebel lipstick again one day and oh my, since then, I can’t seem to stop using it. Since it is very similar to my favorite color EVER, Fashion Revival, I love it so very much and it looks kinda great with every skin tone which is amazing! I use it with my most loved lip liner, Nightingale from the Matte Lip collection which matches perfectly Fashion Revival AND Rebel.

June Favorites-6

Here you can see Nightingale lip liner, Rebel lipstick (left) and Fashion Revival (rechts).

June Favorites-10

Nightingale lip liner on top, Fashion Revival in the middle and Rebel on the bottom. Fashion Revival is a bit more intense and more with a red undertone than Rebel which is a bit more berry-toned and since it is not a matte one, more creamy.

June Favorites-11

Nightingale lip liner and Rebel lipstick. Here and here you can see two look I did a while ago with Fashion Revival lipstick if you want to see the difference between the two ;)

June Favorites-12

And here we have everything in this blog post worn today as a makeup of the day out for a coffee date with the mister. Perfect Topping MSF, In Extreme Dimension on top lashes, Extended Play Gigablack lash on lower lashes, Nightingale lip liner and Rebel lipstick. On my eyelids I am wearing Perky and Rubenesque Paint Pot (last month’s and still also this month’s favorite) and Perfect Topping as an inner corner highlighter and in the middle of the lid ;)

June Favorites-13

June Favorites-14

So sorry I was away for the past few weeks, but I will try to prepare a few more blog posts for you guys so I have something ready if I get caught up in work again and can’t blog that regularly ;)

Do you use some of my favorites? Which products did you love this month? Is there anything I should try that you loved a lot?



2 thoughts on “{Lifestyle} June Favorites

  1. Ich wusste gar nicht das du auch ein Pinkes Cover für dein MAC Book hast *_* und die Kamera muss ich im Auge behalten. Vielleicht erwisch ich sie auch mal etwas günstiger

    Bussi :*

    1. Ähmmmm war das nicht zu erwarten??? :)))) Pinkes Cover und Tastaturabdeckung, aaaaalles pink wo das Auge reicht :)))
      Ja, wir hatten sie heute wieder am See mit, ist echt ne super Kleine ;)
      Bussiii :*

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