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Hey there my loves!

I am so sorry I have been MIA, it feels like forever since I’ve last posted something on the blog. I have been so crazy busy since July, I barely have time to read my emails, let alone shoot pictures or write a blog post. But let me show you what I’ve been up to this summer and what else is happening in my life right now.

Summer Of 2015-1

In August, while the mister and I both had a weekend off, we took Lexie for a long walk outside – such a fun way to spend our day off with the baby girl.

Summer Of 2015-2

Then, when our actual holiday started, we first stopped at my mom’s in Timisoara for some family time and because Lexie and the cats stayed with her while we were away the week after that – this place gets more and more beautiful with each time I stay there. You can see here how I spend my Easter there.

Summer Of 2015-3 Summer Of 2015-4 Summer Of 2015-5

Yup, still very yummy food. Do NOT weigh yourself after spending a weekend there, I repeat, do NOT weigh yourself! :)

Summer Of 2015-6

Afterwards, we drove 6 hours to spend a week in Croatia with my dad. I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about how Croatia would be like but…. well, see for yourself.

Summer Of 2015-7

It was great because we were a total of 6: me + the mister, Nasti + her friend Anita and my dad and his girlfriend so we had a lot of fun together, especially getting to spend that much time with the girls really was great!

Summer Of 2015-8 Summer Of 2015-9

I dyed my hair right before leaving for Croatia! :) Very nervous about doing it, very happy with the result and loving the lighter color A LOT!

Summer Of 2015-10

These two.. ♥

Summer Of 2015-11 Summer Of 2015-12

Summer Of 2015-13

Summer Of 2015-14

Summer Of 2015-15 Summer Of 2015-16

This day on the boat was SO F* SCARY. Boats are definitely not my thing. Great to look at and go swimming but so, so scary once it doesn’t stop shaking when hitting the waves. Dear God, I couldn’t wait to get home (safely) after that trip.

Summer Of 2015-17
Summer Of 2015-18 Summer Of 2015-19

We went to a beautiful club / lounge, somewhere in the city center of Zadar, it was a truly magical place – kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. It was made in a garden which went circular and you could climb to the top and have a gorgeous view over Zadar.

Summer Of 2015-20

This was the view we had from up high ♥

Summer Of 2015-21

One day we (Nasti) decided to go with the banana, well, also not exactly my thing but it was kind of fun. Afterwards :)

Summer Of 2015-22 Summer Of 2015-23 Summer Of 2015-24 Summer Of 2015-25

One of the most magical places I saw in Croatia. Only reachable by boat and so, so happy we went there ’cause I haven’t seen such gorgeous places very often.

Summer Of 2015-26 Summer Of 2015-27 Summer Of 2015-28 Summer Of 2015-29 Summer Of 2015-30 Summer Of 2015-31

This definitely was the highlight of our two day boat trips. You couldn’t reach the beach by boat so from this point where we took the pic, we swam over to that beach club and then back again. The water was so clear and turquoise, I haven’t seen a spot more beautiful in my life.

Summer Of 2015-32 Summer Of 2015-33

LOOK AT THIS WATER! You could see every fish right until the bottom of the sea… simply breathtaking. ♥

Summer Of 2015-34 Summer Of 2015-35 Summer Of 2015-36 Summer Of 2015-37

Summer Of 2015-38

Summer Of 2015-39

I have to admit, I have seen some of the most magical places in my life on this trip and there were places you could never reach by car, only by boat. I am so grateful that we had our guide to show us hidden secret spots and for making this holiday a really special one – oh, and for keeping us safe ’cause those waves were no joke, let me tell ya!

Other news, some of you may not know that but for the past years I have been studying economics – more or less happy with it. (hint: NOT very happy with it!) Since starting to work at MAC and exploring my creative side even more, I couldn’t imagine myself sitting at school studying something I do not care about at all. So this Summer I decided it is time to change it up and try to get in at something I’ve wanted to do from the start: so here I was, at 25 years, studying to apply for psychology. I don’t know how that was even possible, but to my (very big!) surprise, I got in so I’ll be studying psychology starting tomorrow. Let me tell you, I am VERY happy with it and so very excited to start!

Summer Of 2015-40

The last thing but probably the most time-consuming but also most satisfying thing happening right now is that after weeks of waiting for a response, I finally got the news that I got the job as a retail manager at MAC, at the counter I was working on before. Since then, I am so busy but also so happy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else right now. It still takes some time getting used to the work load I have to do but thankfully I have holidays this week again so I get to catch up on some things I haven’t been able to do for the last couple of weeks.
Summer Of 2015-41

(see makeup look from this pic in this blog post right here)

So many amazing things happening right now and this year has been beyond my imagination and there are still some big changes along the way – can’t wait to tell you more about it when I have more details!

I will definitely try to at least keep you updated even if I can’t shoot something new so bare with me until I get the hang of how to manage my time the most efficient way.

How have you guys been? What’s new with all of you? How was your summer?



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