{Lifestyle} Christmas 2015

Hey there my loves!

Guess what? I’m back! – once again ;) Here’s what I’ve been up to this past month during the Holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s.

As I promised – and didn’t really manage to do – I’ll try to post more often. The problem with working full time is that I don’t even get to do any kind of pictures since I leave home at 10AM and come back home at 9PM. But the days are getting longer so I’ll try to squeeze in some pictures here and there for you to see what I’m up to ;)

So, after putting up and decorating our gorgeous tree – the most beautiful I’ve ever had in my home! – we did some family Christmas shots and you definitely can see how goofy we looked.

Winter Christmas 2015-1

Winter Christmas 2015-2

Winter Christmas 2015-3
Winter Christmas 2015-4

Winter Christmas 2015-5

Winter Christmas 2015-6

Winter Christmas 2015-7
Winter Christmas 2015-8

Winter Christmas 2015-9

Winter Christmas 2015-10
Winter Christmas 2015-11

Winter Christmas 2015-12

We drove home to Timisoara for Christmas to spend with our families and came back to Vienna on December 28th. For New Year’s we drove some place near Vienna where we had a gorgeous panorama view and saw all of the fireworks. We both were not really in a party mood and we didn’t really get into the New Year’s spirit so we kept things very low key and simple.

Other than that, I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks at work, we had so so much to do that I’m in need for a few days off – PRONTO! You can follow me around and see everything I’m up to on Instagram on my account @stefidragoi and see the newest makeup looks that I’m wearing on my makeup account @brighteyesandglossylips to see any real updates ;)

What did you guys do for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Did you go somewhere or just relaxed at home? How have you guys been since last time I wrote?



2 thoughts on “{Lifestyle} Christmas 2015

    1. Danke dir, Süße! War wirklich recht nett zuhause, Silvester war gar nicht so besonders aber nächstes Silvester rückt ja schon immer näher ;) Habt ihr auch nett gefeiert? :*
      Bussiii Süße!

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