{Makeup Look} Makeup Of The Day #6

Well hello everyone!

After a few sleepless nights working on the blog and redoing the whole look and interface of the blog, I decided to give it a go again at trying to post more regularly. How do you like the new sleek design?

The thing is, if I could post something on the go, to transfer the pics from the camera to the iPad and then work on the go, that would be totally doable. But since I can’t find any good app or solution to write on the go, I’ll just have to figure something out. I just ordered a new bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, maybe it’ll work pretty smooth that way, just keep your fingers crossed! Anyways…

For yesterday’s work makeup look I wanted to do something a bit out of my comfort zone so I had some fun with a bit of colour and sparkle and this is how it turned out.

makeup look-1
makeup look-2  makeup look-3

makeup look-4

makeup look-5

makeup look-6

makeup look-7

makeup look-8

Products used:

FACE: Matchmaster foundation, Select Moisturecover concealer, MSF powder, Give Me Sun! bronzer, Margin blush.

EYES: 24h extended eye base, Give Me Sun! bronzer into the crease, Moon Is Blue Colour Drenched Pigment (Christmas 2015 collection), Get Physical Dazzleshadow (Le Disko collection), Switch Me On Into The Well eyeshadow (Dark Desires collection), Upward Lash & Extended Play mascara.

LIPS: Nothing Sexier Pro Longwear lip pencil, Phiff! Dazzleglass.

How do you like yesterday’s makeup of the day? Can we jump into spring and use more some colours already?!

What do you feel I should still change about my blog? Is there something you would be interested to see featured on the blog? I’m really curious how to make it even more interesting and with better content for you so let me know ;)



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