{Lifestyle} February 2016 Roundup

Hello everyone!

With February coming to an end (how is it even March already?! Wasn’t New Year’s just a few days ago..?! Crazy how fast time flies by…), I thought I’d show you a little insight in what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks. I did cheat a little bit and added a few pictures from January ’cause they worked with the flow of this post ;)

Starting with a work night, we had a makeup lounge at the Golden Globes live viewing party and this guy came by after I finished work to pick me up ?
February 2016 Roundup-1

Suprising D for his 31st birthday with his favourite cupcakes made by yours truly ;)

February 2016 Roundup-2 February 2016 Roundup-3

A lovely way to having your tea served. Very yummy indeed. ?

February 2016 Roundup-4

February 2016 Roundup-5 

February 2016 Roundup-7

Just how cute does miss Lexie look in her pink hoodie?! Aaaahhhh, this girl has my heart forever! ?

February 2016 Roundup-6

Fun with a very futuristic and modern look at work with this lovely girl :)

February 2016 Roundup-17

The girls (my mom, my sister & I) went on a short ski trip in Austria and it felt just so relaxing and good to be out of the city for a few days and get some energy into my body. There’s nothing else like breathing the cold air in the mountains..

February 2016 Roundup-8

February 2016 Roundup-9

On a gorgeous day with miss Lexie on a walk. She really is so tiny and cute!
February 2016 Roundup-10 February 2016 Roundup-11

My first hyacinths this year. They are my absolute favourite flowers since I can remember and just the smell and look of them makes me happy. I have some of my fondest memories as a child around these beauties and every spring they’re the first thing I look forward to ?

February 2016 Roundup-12

Oh you know,  just a regular Saturday morning in my favourite playground… :) I remember this day so perfectly, one of the best! So very grateful for doing what I love and loving what I do! ?

February 2016 Roundup-18

The times that I go out in a year I could definitely count on a hand (New Year’s Eve included!), I’m really not that into going out. But this one huge party that happens once a few months, I so look forward to – the music is great and I can sing and dance the whole night without having the feeling of being watched ’cause everyone is there just to have fun. Really loved that this time I went with these two lovely ladies, until next time! ;)

February 2016 Roundup-13

February 2016 Roundup-14

Maybe you have noticed that my blog now has a new look – it’s more clean and sleek. I was wanting to do some changes for some time now but I never found the time or the right push to get going so the last few (sleepless) nights, I remodelled the whole blog and vibe and this is how it turned out: www.brighteyesandglossylips.com

February 2016 Roundup-15

And last but certainly not least, my favourite artist at the moment, I could listen to Tori Kelly sing every day for the rest of my life. Just pause and repeat. If you don’t know her yet, check out her album Unbreakable Smile – my faves are City Dove, Dear No One, Nobody Love, Anyway and now Hollow from the new Single. Such a great voice and her hair is just to die for!

February 2016 Roundup-16

How have you guys been? How has 2016 treated you so far? Any exciting things you did until now or anything that you have planned for the next weeks? I’d love to hear your plans and how you have been.

See you soon!




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