{Lifestyle} New Haircut – shorter, lighter.. Ready for summer!

Hello everyone!

So, I was planning and craving a hair change for the past 3 months now but couldn’t do it since my ombre was still visible and I couldn’t just cut it before re-doing the ombre.

Finally, I made an appointment (already in February!) for my birthday (which was on the 12th of May so I had to wait 3 months for my appointment!) and here’s how the new haircut looks like. At the end of this post I’ll reveal how I like the new look and if I’m happy with the change so stay tuned until the end ;)

New Haircut-1

New Haircut-2

New Haircut-3

New Haircut-4

New Haircut-5 New Haircut-6 New Haircut-7 New Haircut-8

Here are two before and after pictures, you can see now the blonde colour is way more on the top of my head and in real life it looks a bit shorter because here my head was tilted so you could capture the colour beautifully ;)

New Haircut-9

New Haircut-10

New Haircut-11

I have to say (as you may have already guessed), I really love the new lenght (at least for now!). It feels so fresh and kind of daring, I feel like I can pull some different looks off with this look and I can wear my messy hair open and a bit curly and it will look fine.

I still have to figure out how to style it best – in these pictures, I curled it early in the morning with my curling iron and I took the pictures late at night after work. So the hair stays curled a lot longer than with my long hair which wouldn’t even last a whole day.

I still have to get used to the shorter length because I don’t usually like short hair on myself but I’ll do my best to learn how to style and deal with it and hope to get the hang of it. For now, still very happy with the new length and the lighter colour. I’m so excited to see how it’ll turn out after the few days at the beach when it will lighten a bit more and if it will really be easier to maintain when it’s wet ;)

How do you like the new haircut? Do you think it suits me or should I have stayed to the longer hair length? How have you been for the past few weeks, tell me what’s new with you :)



2 thoughts on “{Lifestyle} New Haircut – shorter, lighter.. Ready for summer!

    1. Oh, danke dir, liebste Meli!
      Ich kann es mir schon gar nicht mehr mit langen Haaren vorstellen – ist echt so viel angenehmer und fühlt sich viel frischer an ;)
      Bussis meine Süße :* :*

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