{Travel} Summer of 2016 – Croatia June 2016

Hello everyone!

I finally found the time to put together a blog post so I can show you what I’ve been up to the past few months. It’s been a hot minute since I haven’t posted anything and I truly hope I’ll finally manage to post more regularly again.

So let me show you how I spent my few days of holiday in Croatia in June. (It already feels like an eternity away!)




We spend a few days in Croatia in an absolutely stunning and calming place and with the prettiest view from our balcony.



I have to say, we went there to just do absolutely nothing. During the day we were at the sea and on the beach or we strolled through the city and later we went to our hotel spa and very early to bed :) It was exactly what I needed to just recharge my power and clean my head, such a calming atmosphere near the sea, I can’t even describe the effect it has on my soul and my head..




We found this delicious place right at the beach and they had the cutest plate settings for food – check out the antipasti plate:





The food there… I’m not a sea food lover so I always tried something else but it was just fantastic, check this plate of fish out we ate in a port somewhere  in a city nearby. (It was just as delicious as it looked, believe me!)




Even if the weather wasn’t perfect, the fact that I didn’t do much, just enjoy the silence and the sun – it was exactly what I needed and the perfect way to relax for a few days.




I don’t know what it is about the sea and the beach, the sound of beach waves and the sun shining on you .. there is nothing more relaxing and perfect to calm your soul.


It was exactly what I needed to have enough power for the following weeks and months until my next holiday so I’m really happy we did such a short trip last minute without the kids so we could fully enjoy some time alone.

There’s nothing better than time to clear your head when everything becomes just a bit too much and you need every space and time you can get to think and overthink :)

Don’t you agree?



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