Hello everyone!

Almost one month has passed since my last short holiday trip with the girls and I finally get a chance to put some pictures together from our trip to show you :)

So, in the middle of your daily life – take a break and feel the cold air and the snow from our skiing trip in Dorfgastein coming right at you through your computer screen :)

We went on our annual skiing holiday about a month ago, again in our beloved destination Dorfgastein near Salzburg. This time, it was a trip with all the girls – my mom, my sister & myself and our two dogs for some quality girls time.

I have to say, we’ve had the best weather ever – I have never had such a fantastic and perfect weather while being on ski holidays –  just perfect! It was sunny, not too cold and the views and feeling of fresh air were just breathtakingly beautiful.

This year it was the first year that I went for safety first so I got myself a nice helmet with matching sunglasses. I never felt the need to wear it because I am very careful but you never know what could happen, right? So you can see how my sister and I are wearing matching helmets like two Power Rangers ;)

Obviously, skiing screams for a good warm soup at mid-day. (or actually, at any time of the day) By far, the best Frittatensuppe (kind of like a soup with stripes of pancake) I ever ate!

I was lucky enough to have a room on my own with Lexie so we were kind of like on a mini honeymoon just the two of us. Lexie – of course – got her own bed and kept me warm during the night and I actually had one of the most relaxing holidays ever this way.

I have to admit, it’s not always easy for me spending that much family-time at once since I grew up so far away from them and everyone gets used to their own lifestyle and schedule so being together for a longer period of time is always a bit challenging. Still, looking backwards at it, I think you have to at least try to find something in common and make compromises for those few days so you can find your way back into the comfort of your own family.

Although these two crazy girls are very different from myself, I am very grateful to have them in my life and that they force me to get out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn’t do by myself.

The effect this clean and crisp air has on my brain and on my soul is just indescribable. It just felt like I could think clearly again, so refreshing!

How is your family dynamic? Are you used to spending time together or do you just see your family every so often? I’m open to your opinions and very curious to know all about it, of course, so let me know ;)

See you soon and hope you all have a great week ahead of you!