Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it’s been so many months since I last posted and although I tried to sit down to write a new blog post a few times, somehow it never felt quite “right”.

Tonight, while actually getting ready for bed and my mind still very awake, I thought about the liberating feeling I get when I sit down to write about my thoughts or feelings so that’s what I decided to do very spontaneously.

The post is definitely different than my other posts – I hope to connect to a deeper and more interesting level and to share more than just beauty stuff with you all. So if you’re interested, keep reading :)

Since I’ve been having some problems sleeping in the last few months myself, I thought it would be a good thing to start off with writing again.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping since I was a little girl but with time passing, the problem sometimes gets a bit out of hand especially when you don’t have the option of resting during the day and catching up on the missing sleep.

The thing with my sleepless nights is – I usually know the cause of it. I tend to overthink almost every little thing that’s happening during the day and everything that somehow preoccupies me. So when I go to bed and try to rest my mind and body, I lay awake for hours at a time – sometimes thinking about possible outcomes of certain situations, sometimes thinking about “what if’s”, thinking about what I could have done better or how to manage a situation better next time or simply replaying a day or a situation in my mind until I have every detail in my head.

The thing is, I – sometimes – talk with people around me about the things that keep me busy. But I don’t really take the time to do the thinking for myself without talking to someone else. I feel like a lot of times sharing makes the burden easier and I can think whatever problem I may have through by talking about it. Still, more often then not, I find myself having that “head space alone time” during the night because then it somehow feels like the right time to process every feeling or emotion that I may have experienced during the previous days.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I like to do so much thinking over night. I’d be more than happy to just sleep like a baby. I just know by now how I process some things and there are some triggers that help me prepare myself in time for a sleepless night. It’s just not always working especially if I don’t have too many hours to sleep so I can’t just turn everything off and fly to wonderland.

During the past years, I have found some tips and tricks that help me at least relax that much so that I don’t get all worked up or nervous if I happen to have a sleepless night – ’cause getting worked up about it does NOT help, believe me!

  • Sleeping tea: I have some teas from the pharmacy that help relax and induce some kind of somnolence. They don’t really help me sleep through the night but at least I am a bit more relaxed than without them.
  • Melatonin: I buy those at the pharmacy and I use them the same way like the tea – mostly to relax but also to fall asleep more easily.
  • Humidifier with lavender essential oils: The smell of it relaxes me and gives me that sleeping head space where I know I should turn off my mind soon. Also the sound of water that comes out of it is pretty relaxing to me.
  • Relaxing music: Spotify playlists like this one, this one or this one are what I use most. Other than my regular radio station which also has very calming music but when I can’t sleep at all I need minimal music but mostly just relaxing sounds.
  • Book of thoughts: I tried this during the past couple of weeks and I must say I didn’t follow through as I probably should have. Nonetheless, it helps if you do it regularly. I keep a book by my bed and some time before getting sleepy or getting ready for bed, I sit down and write whatever is on my mind, what is keeping my mind awake, what may not be letting me rest at night. Somehow the process of writing it down before I go to sleep is very therapeutic to me and my mind feels somehow lighter when I do sleep.

Still, sometimes all of these do not help and there’s nothing more frustrating to me than sitting in bed and not being able to rest and get a good night’s sleep. When that happens, I try to actively wake up, grab my book (not the phone!!) and read until I may fall asleep again. Go around the house, take a warm shower, get yourself a glass of water. Whatever helps and takes your mind off the things that are constantly on your brain.

Believe me, I’ve been there enough times to know how frustrating it can be. I don’t have a magical solution yet but I’m trying to find whatever may help to get the rest and sleep I need.

I want to know, do you have any sleepless nights? Have you tried something that helped you during those nights? How do you manage to rest your mind and body?

If you read through the whole post – which was pretty different from the previous that I have written – thank you! I hoped you liked it, I hope to connect on more topics than just beauty and I hope to share some more thoughts with you all here ❤

Keep safe and I’d love to hear your thoughts – on the post, on the topic, on your life. Let me know everything you want to share with me, doesn’t matter on which plattform you reach me!