Hello everyone!

It’s been a while. Actually a longer while  since I last posted on the blog. I could give you about a thousand reasons why I was MIA for so long but the fact is that I didn’t find the time or the inspiration to get new pictures or ideas for a blog post.

I will try to post more regularly from now on (I know, I’ve already said that about a thousand times, but still, bare with me..!) and not get stressed about getting a ton of perfect pictures to have something to show you.

So if you want to know what I’ve been up to the last couple of months and what I mean by new beginnings, keep reading…


Let’s start with some updates so you know what’s been happening in the past few months:

  • I quit my job at MAC and will have my last day around middle of May 2018. After almost 4 years, I decided to quit my job and search for something else. Many of you may know how it all started out and how it all began because I turned my hobby into my job. Well, that wasn’t the case anymore for the past few months so I decided to make a change and to do something for myself so that I can find joy in my daily job again.
  • For now, until July I will be enjoying the beautiful weather, a lot of strolls with my dog, taking the time to take care of myself, do some sports and yoga and just feel better about myself – it’s a scary time not exactly knowing what the next step will be like but I feel like everything will be okay :)
  • My beautiful baby girl Lexie turned 6 this April. I try to spend as much time as I can with her, go out with her more and give her enough space and walks in the nature so that both her and I can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature around us.

  • In the past months while having a lot of doubts about my future and my career, I had found some amazing friends – the true definition of girl power. Without them, I don’t know how I would still stay sane at this point and still believe in a good outcome.
  • I met someone with whom I spent a lot of the past few months and although it is a struggle to get back in a relationship after being mostly single in the past year, it feels good and his presence brings me (most of the time!) a lot of calm in my life. That is a feeling I cherish a lot at the moment and I’m curious to see it evolving in the next few months.
  • I have an upcoming holiday trip on my birthday to Japan with my mom and I can barely hold my excitement and the beautiful trip we will surely have.
  • My baby sister turned 18 (WHEN did time fly by so fast?!) and we celebrated with the whole family while still refusing to hear that she is basically an adult now. Still my baby sister forever.
  • I want to keep blogging, to share parts of my life – my lifestyle posts, of course also beauty posts or reviews and some heart to heart talks. I just need to find away without stressing me out about having a lot of perfect pictures to add to a post and just write down my thoughts and share them with you.
  • I will have a challenge with myself about getting more in shape. THERE! I wrote it down and put it out in the universe so I’ll have to keep working on it. I very badly need to get more in shape and look carefully what I eat in a day but mostly I am too lazy to really eat something healthy with only carbs and fat foods on my mind. That will change and I have a personal dead line for myself – I want to be fitter until my beach holiday in September. Keep your fingers crossed – this is my biggest project at the moment and the one I definitely need the most to go right!

So while I am writing this I am enjoying a glass of wine with a thunderstorm outside my window and I just feel more relaxed than the last few months.

So cheers to new beginnings and to starting things that make YOU happy.

Enough about me for now. If you’re still following my blog – are there any topics you’d like me to address? What would you like to read when scrolling through my blog? If you read until here and are still following my journey, let me know who you are and let’s connect :)

Keep safe and I’d love to hear your thoughts – on the post, on the topic, on your life. Let me know everything you want to share with me, doesn’t matter on which platform you reach me!