Hello everyone!

Since my last post, I have had the most amazing birthday trip to Japan and for now I’d like to share some pictures and impressions with you all. So enjoy and I hope to give you a good feeling about how Japan looks like for an outsider.

We stayed a few nights in Osaka which is the old capital of the country and after about 5 nights we moved to Tokyo where we spent the rest of the trip. My mom and I were there for a total of 10 nights and I have to say, I think even 2 months would not be enough to see enough of Japan.

What stays most in my memory from the whole trip is the beauty of nature surrounding everything there is in Japan. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a beautiful spot of nature which looks just like a postcard.

At the following temple, we have seen over thousand of Buddha figures and there was a whole room lit in an orange light with the whole life of Buddha, every step of the way. It was so beautiful and calming, a few hours to spend there wouldn’t have been enough!

We have seen a lot of temples that humbled me with their beauty, grace and peacefulness. You just couldn’t escape the feeling of peace and feeling welcome in all those sacred places.

The Japanese people respect every creature, tree or flower because they think that every thing (literally!) has a soul that should be respected. In the city of Miyajima where you can find the famous orange Torii, you could find deers running around freely and coexisting with the habitants of the isle.

The ruins of a building left in Hiroshima after the bombing during WW2 – on a ground where there couldn’t grow anything for decades, now you find the most amazing and green parc. It is purely miraculous how they managed to turn around such a catastrophe and have something good to come out of it.

The most beautiful temple I saw during our whole trip: The Golden Pavilion. It speaks for itself though you can’t even capture its true beauty with the lens.

In the beautiful city of Nara we saw again hundreds of deers, you could feed them and they were like a tourist attraction until you got to the temples. I captured this man sitting on the streets of the temple as he was kissing and talking to the deers like they would understand him and I swear, I haven’t seen such a cute gesture in a while!

Of course, Japan is not complete without their Kimono dresses. We saw quite a lot of women dressed in a Kimono and I absolutely fell in love with them. The way they walked, moved, talked and the posture they had in a Kimono was like from another world.

We had the chance to go to a tea brewery where they served us Matcha tea and a handmade ice cream while sitting on the carpet, such a beautiful experience!

The biggest statue of Buddha there is. It is purely enormous and absolutely magnificent. Seeing it so close was truly overwhelming and somehow peaceful like you could feel the energy this place saved over so many years.

We went to a parc with thousands of Torii gates (the orange gates). The whole path could go on for 20km but we only saw a part of it.

The most beautiful spot in the nature in the city of Nikko. I have no words for the beauty that surrounded us, the calmness, the sounds of birds and running water… it was magical!

Most of the girls dressed in Kimonos were so friendly and so happy to get pictures with us, they were so happy to meet us that they mostly took pictures with us in return.

Last but definitely not least, the best Sushi I ever ate and the most sophisticated one for sure. We went to a restaurant where we barely got a seat, not tourists oriented at all and the Sushi master did the Sushi right in front of our table – absolutely an amazing experience!

I was pleasantly surprised, the people in Japan are extremely friendly, they are delighted that we travelled so far to visit their country, they are beyond helpful in any way they can and they are the most calculated people I have ever met. I have the most respect for their ethic, their work, their energy, the way they live.. They live by rules in almost every aspect of their lives but I think that that is exactly what makes them so successful and forward thinking.

For now, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I hope you scrolled through all of them and that I made you just the tiniest bit curious – if so, don’t ever miss a chance to go and visit Japan, I promise you will not regret it for one second.

All in all, it was the best birthday present I could have gotten because it was an amazing and eye opening experience I will never forget and I will cherish in my heart.

I hope you are all good, you’ve had a good month of June (since it is almost over – when does time fly so fast?!) and that you’ve enjoyed my post. I’ll talk to you soon and until then, you can follow me around on my Instagram account here and see what I’m up to ;)

Talk to you all soon and please please if you read until the end, let me know how you liked it and if I managed to make you curious a bit about this beautiful country.