I am very sincere and open with what I write or review on my blog, therefore I think that transparency is very important so that you know when I’m being sponsored or writing an article on a PR sample for example. Nevertheless, I am only writing about things that I really genuinely love and that matter to me no matter if I buy them myself or if companies send them to me. I am in no way obligated to review products that were sent to me in a positive light. I am not obligated to review all samples and what goes on my website is up to my discretion. I do not post anything that doesn’t reflect my own personal style. I also don’t put anything on the blog that I would not purchase and wear for myself. This blog and my integrity means so much to me and way more than any potential earning.

At the end of the blog posts or reviews, you will find a sign with the form of the cooperation. Here you have them all listed and explained:

*pr-sample: These products I get from companies at no charge and I choose if I want to write about this product on my blog or not. I am not being paid for a review on these products. If a post contains more PR-samples, then each and every product is marked with *pr-sample.


*sponsored linkThis is a normal blog post where I have a sponsored link which is clearly marked with *sponsored link. For putting that link in my blog post I get a certain amount of money. Same as with in an advertorial, I will only write good about the things that I truly love and not only because I am being paid.


*cooperationIf I have a cooperation with a company, I will make sure to write that in my blog post and also mark it with *cooperation.


If you have any other questions, please email me at or use the contact form on the blog.





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